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Matterport Instructions


Entering the space:

When you click on the tour link, you will be dropped into the floor plan at the entry point for that space. It may be easier to see details if you click the “view full screen” icon in the lower right corner of the scan image. The “Help” menu icon, also in the lower right, will open a screen with “Navigation” instructions, and “More Help” explaining the features of the Matterport platform.

wpc 2.jpg

Different view options:

In the lower left of the image, you can select the “View Dollhouse” icon to see a three-dimensional image of the space, or the “View Floorplan” icon to see a two-dimensional layout. From either of these views, select the “Explore 3D space” icon, in the shape of a person, to return to the tour.

Exploring the space:

To move through the space with your mouse, click on the screen to move or “walk” around, click and drag to shift your view or “look” around, and use your scroll function to focus your view larger or smaller. If you prefer to navigate using a keyboard, the up and down arrows move you forward and back, the left and right arrows shift your view, and the plus and minus keys focus in and out.

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